BBB: Verizon Customers Beware of Scam

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) --  The Better Business Bureau of North Alabama has a scam alert that you need to be aware of. It's targeting Verizon Wireless customers. You could get an automatic telephone call asking you to go to a website and claim a credit for your account. Be warned, this is a scam.

The president of the BBB is not falling for it and she wants to make sure no one else in our area does either. "My husband who has a Verizon account received a phone call today that had a prerecorded message saying he could get a $510 credit to his bill if he would log in to a specific web address," said Michele Mason.

Mason said if you log on to a site like the one claiming to give you a credit on your account, you're opening a dangerous can of worms.

"A couple things can happen, first of all you might be susceptible to a virus, or spyware being downloaded on your computer so we suggest never go to an unfamiliar account," she said. But that's just the beginning. "Secondly, they said on the message they want you to log into your account, so that means you're going to put in information about your verizon account so from there they're probably going to ask for more information or use that to be able to text from your account and do other things as well."

When Mason investigated the phone number that called her husband, she found similar scam complaints from various cell service providers.

"One case said AT&T, another one was a different website, but same scenario."  Mason said if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

"We don't find that phone companies are just going to randomly give such a substantial credit, in this case $510," she said. "Just the premise alone needs to put a red flag up for you and make you aware that most likely this is a scam."

If you have a question about the scam or a consumer problem in general, call our Better Business Bureau WHNT News 19 Consumer Action Line at  256-850-0719.