“Prayers Braxton” Facebook Page Documents Young Cancer Patient’s Journey

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(WHNT) - What a difference a week can make, last Tuesday, August 20, 7 year old Braxton Voss' mom took her son to the doctor with a fever and swollen lymph nodes.

"They did a strep test and it was negative, a mono test and it was negative, did a finger prick and they pretty much told us they thought it was leukemia and they sent us to Birmingham."  Doriel Voss, Braxton's mom explained.

Braxton missed his second day of second grade at Priceville Elementary. He quickly advance to studying health and chemistry by learning grown up words like `chemo`, back home they were cheering him on!

His school sent him a video with a sweet message:"we love you Braxton."  After 6 days of treatments at Children`s Hospital, Braxton and his doctors were giving cancer a kick, turning the numbers enough that Braxton announced he was coming home!

"We`re going home yeah!" Braxton announced on his Facebook support page Monday.

Team Braxton went to work!  Braxton`s friends and family rallied for this traffic stopping police escort. Braxton was home.

"He`s doing really good, his white blood counts have bottomed out so we have to keep him away from people, he`s doing great, he hasn`t complained, he`s tough!  It`s amazing, everybody`s just been overwhelming, all the support, we`re very blessed." Doriel said.

Braxton will continue chemo once a week, for the next three years. The Voss family is no stranger to cancer, his mother Dori is a breast cancer survivor.

There is a Facebook page, "Prayers Braxton" set up to keep up with his journey.