Samaritan Ambulance Now Serving Arab and Brindlee Mountain

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MORGAN CITY, Ala. (WHNT)-- Earlier this year the city of Arab decided it was time to get out of the ambulance service.   It was too expensive and the liability too high.  So those services are now being handled by Morgan City based Samaritan EMS.

"We had always worked together providing mutual aid to them and them to us as needed,"said James Wessel, Samaritan's founder.   "But recently there was a change and we became the primary service for the citizens of Arab as well."

While Samaritan is based in Morgan City, north of Arab, it does have personnel in Arab 24 hours a day.

Wessel says Samaritan was started back in 2007 because the Morgan City, Union Hill and Union Grove areas didn't have an ambulance service of its own.

"I ran so many calls in this community as a volunteer emt with critical patients that I had to wait 15 minutes, 25 minutes for an ambulance." Wessel said.  "And every single call that I go on now that I see a Samaritan Ambulance pull up 3 or 4 minutes of me getting there or maybe even before I've gotten there, everyone of those stands out to me because it's so important to the patients and so important to the community."

Wessel says they started with one truck and many believed that was one too many.

"And not only did it work, but it's grown from that first ambulance to now 13 serving this community and several other communities as well."

Wessel says not only does he want the company to provide critical care, but also compassion.