Marshall Co. Sheriff Hosts Meetings On New Gun Laws

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MARSHALL CO. Ala, (WHNT) — The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is having a series of town hall meetings to discuss the state’s new gun laws.

For the entire month of August Sheriff Scott Walls has been making stops around the county, teaching its residents about the new state gun laws. Monday night’s stop was the Arab Senior Center.

With three meetings left to go, officials say the turnout has been pretty good overall. Officials outlined some of the major changes that went into effect August first.

One of those is you don’t have to have a concealed pistol permit to carry a pistol in your car, under certain conditions. Those conditions are it has to be unloaded, out of reach, and in a locked container. The law also allows you to keep your pistol in your car at work, if you do have a concealed carry permit.  *

Another change officials say is important is the new law broadens the category of people who can’t carry a firearm. They say that law takes more guns out of the hands of felons.

Sheriff Scott Walls is bringing these laws to light in a powerpoint presentation. The next town hall meeting is Tuesday at five o’clock at Douglass High School. The Sheriff has scheduled a series of other meetings in the next few days as well.