Madison County Officials React to Dog Fighting Case

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Mike Fritz told WHNT News 19 he would have never imagined dog fighting happening in Alabama of this magnitude.

"It`s unbelievable. You know, that it`s going on and to that extent," said Fritz, who serves as the Madison County animal control director.

Fritz has worked with all types of animals in Madison County and the laws designed to protect them.

Fritz, who investigated a dog fighting case in Madison County several years ago, says catching someone responsible for dog fighting is hard.

"They don`t fight on premise. Most of them go to different locations," added Fritz.

Fritz's office get around two calls about dog fighting each year.

Alabama law concerning dogs is overly simple. It requires is all dogs get food, shelter and water.

"Our laws in Alabama are so outdated. We need to modernize our laws to deal with the certain aspects," added Fritz.

He believes changing the law could help cut down on dog fighting in the state.

Fritz told WHNT News 19 he would like to see the state allow local governments determine when charges should be applied to someone regarding animal cruelty.