Kids to Love: The Need for Families

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When people hear the word foster child,  they instantly think of what that child should look like or how they should act.   Reality is, foster kids are like any other kid.

"They're just like my kid and your kids, have the same needs, they do good things.  They're also gonna get in trouble sometimes, like I did when I was growing up and you probably did too."  said  DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner.

Every week you meet children in Alabama who are in foster care.  They are waiting and praying their name and numbers are called.

Tylor, who is waiting for a forever family, shares why adoption matters."It's important to me because I know I can't live with my mom no more because her rights have been terminated.  And I'd like to be able to do more stuff instead of having to have permission from the state to do something like go out of state and go on vacation.  And I'd like to be adopted cause I'd like to just be able to settle down and have another family again."

"No different than other children, other than we don't have the stability.  That legal tie is there and that's why we need adoptive families too." said Commissioner Buckner.

"Yes, it means that somebody wants to keep you for the rest of your life and love you.  I want somebody to live with me, to encourage me to pay football and stuff like that.  I want a family." Pioree, who is in foster care shared.

"We all need family, and that's what makes us emotionally healthy, is that we all need family.  Foster children need family very badly."  Buckner said.

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