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When You’re Expecting Thousands, It’s All Hands On Deck

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- When a city is expecting thousands for the day, there's a lot of work to be done. Those volunteers who set up Jeff Cook Day say that event is no exception.

Chairs need to be set up, the sound system needs to be put together, and banners need to be hung.

At eight in the morning, event coordinator Rhonda McCoy is designating those jobs as promptly as other people at that time in the morning are drinking their coffee.

Today marks the finish line of a marathon of planning. "It takes quite a while. I started in December, making my Facebook page, and I work on it at night and during my lunch hour, so it takes me quite a while because I do have a regular job."

It takes dozens of volunteers to get ready for the show, which doubles as one of the biggest birthday parties Guntersville has seen.

For McCoy though, putting together an event that draws thousands isn't anything new. "This is my fourth year."

McCoy says visitors come from all over the nation come to Guntersville to enjoy the day. It's that fact that she says makes the hard work and the months of planning worth it. "You know, we're just hoping everybody comes out. It's a fun day, it's a beautiful day,  it's not raining, you can't find a more perfect place than Lake Guntersville to have a fun family day."

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