Celebrating Jeff Cook Day – With Jeff Cook Himself

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Saturday, the City of Guntersville is recognizing Jeff Cook Day, to celebrate the birthday of one of the founding members of the ALABAMA Band.

Since the trio of cousins that make up the ALABAMA band left Fort Payne years ago, they have numerous awards - including 21 straight number one singles - to boast.

One member lives in Guntersville now. Sitting in the band's former tour bus, Jeff Cook says a day like Saturday is always something he looks forward to.  "I like playing music and I really like playing with these guys because they're all good at what they do. They're multi-talented, most of them are in fact. And I look forward to being able to play some music with them."

Cook refers to the Allstar Goodtime Band. "We try to do a variety of Country, Soul, and Rock and Roll music, or Funtry Music."

So what's 'Funtry' music, might you ask? Cook promptly has the answer, with a grin.

"Funtry music is music that you enjoy playing."

Cook says playing for thousands, and putting their energy back into his music is something he enjoys. When he's up on the stage though, he says he doesn't think of the crowd watching him below. To him he says, it's natural.

"I'm playing music, and this is what I do."

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