Solider Serving gets a surprise!

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When a man needed a truck, his mom found him one that needed quite a bit of TLC. And thanks to our communities generosity, he has a set of wheels that’s as good as new!

Audrey Volgerburger was given orders from her son.

“My son sent me money while he was in Afghanistan, he wanted us to find him a truck so we found him this one.” Audrey said.

The truck they found:

“1993 GMC K1500 4 wheel drive, I believe it has 217,111 miles” Dave Ingram with Maaco described.

The truck needed some repair.

“He did some research and found Maaco here in Huntsville to paint it for him.” Audrey explained.

Once inside the body shop, it was revealed the repairs were more than just needed a fresh coat of paint.

Dave with Maaco explains what the trucks condition when it came into the shop, “Down along the bottom of the truck there was extensive rust repair we had to do, so in some areas we grind and fill that with fiberglass repair, other areas where it was too bad we actually had to cut and weld in new metal.”

Add in hail damage and cracked paint and the repair tab was adding up, and so was the generosity of Maaco. “Corporate picked up the tab on this and I’m sure he’s very happy about that… this would have been around $3,952, giving back to someone whose served his country he’s more than earned that,” Ingram said.

“It was amazing, nice when our soldiers and our troops get something well deserved,quite an act of generosity on Maaco’s part, I believe.” Audery said.

“I’m a veteran, my father’s a retired Col. Military runs extensive in our family and this community is solely enthralled with many veterans in this area so it was just good to do a project and give back to a soldier who served his country.” Dave said.

And with “thank you, glad we could help you, you guys rock,” the truck was on its way.

Audery’s son will arrived stateside last week and will be home to Florence September 9.