Slush Puppie a Deal, Barely

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There are several slushy makers on the market.  Most of them aren’t very good.

The latest one we’ve run through the Deal or Dud rinse cycle is the Slush Puppie.  It’s more like a child’s toy than an sturdy item for the kitchen.

It’s an ice shaver encased in bright red plastic and has a cool looking dog on the front.

I like dogs, so that was fine with me.

I’m giving this a Deal by the thinnest of margins.  I hate to make something a Dud when it actually does what it says it will do.   The Slush Puppie will shave the ice for a nice slushy. But the compartment where you put the ice is very small and would never make enough for an adult-sized slushy.

The Slush Puppie might be great for a kid’s item in the kitchen.  The kids could have fun making their own by turning the crank and shaving the ice.

But the problem there is the blade is crazy sharp and makes quick work of the ice.  I think kids would need to use it with adult supervision.

But the Slush Puppie does work efficiently. So I make it a Deal. But if you let the kids play with it, make sure you supervise them. It cost us $14.99.