Poll: Alabamians Are the ‘Ugliest,’ Almost ‘Dumbest’ Too

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Map: Business Insider

A new poll by Business Insider shows Americans certainly have opinions about other states, whether they’ve visited them or not.

Alabama fared poorly in several poll questions posed by Business Insider Australia. The news website said it decided to pose these questions to Americans after seeing a poll where Europeans ranked other European countries.

Business Insider asked the questions through SurveyMonkey Audience. The poll collected data from 1,603 respondents.

  • Alabama was voted to have the ugliest residents.
  • Massachusetts had the weirdest accent. Close behind: Alabama, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey.
  • Mississippi was voted the dumbest, followed by Alabama.
  • Louisiana was voted the drunkest. 

Business Insider Australia claims to be Australian edition of the world’s fastest-growing business news website.

Alabama’s state motto is “Alabama The Beautiful.” It’s not just a name.  Those of us who live here know our state isn’t what the poll says it is.  Vote in our poll below: