Hundreds of Cameras Installed in Lauderdale County Schools

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - As kids in Lauderdale County return to school a new security measure is in the process of being installed in each of the systems eleven campuses.

As they come on-line, dozens of cameras will be watching from the time parents pull onto a Lauderdale County school campus to drop off their children.

Crews have spent the last two months installing a total of 435 cameras designed by security professionals.

School system personnel stated they replaced an aging and inadequate system that was used in the past.

"We just want to always make sure that we're looking at ways to increase security for our campuses and of course our students and the teachers there," said Superintendent Jennifer Gray.

She said the upgrades are paid for through technology money totaling $330,000.

The motion activated cameras are equipped with infrared technology, and can notify school system personnel or police if someone is in a school after hours.

"Hopefully word gets out that there are cameras, that people are being monitored and they will maybe think twice about what they want to do," stated Gray.

The network-based cameras can be monitored by principals and administrators at the school, at home, or even on their smart phones.