Project Hungry: The Vision of Patricia Mitchell

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Patricia Mitchell is on a mission is to provide a nutritional meal and related assistance to anyone in need in this area.  She does this through an organization she founded called Project Hungry.

"We're a group of volunteers and we prepare a nutritional meal for the homeless, the homebound, the elderly that's on a fixed income," said Mitchell.  "We target new immigrants, we do the physically and mentally challenged and we do the low-income communities."

That's quite an undertaking, especially for just five people who do all the work.

"We fix them up and we have people that go out to the homeless camp and distribute them out and we go to people in their homes and we do the high-rise communities like Johnson Towers," says Mitchell.

She has some very special help. "You know, my daughter is one of my main contributors, she has been with me since day one."

Patricia's daughter Jamie says, "We sat and talked about it and I just got dragged in, we decided to put our own money together to start it off and God's been blessing us. He provides, he multiplies."

Jamie also multiplies. "I work an extra job and I take that and I buy the meats because I want the people to have good meats like I serve my family."

Patricia says her best friend helps and another of her good friends is very much involved.

"Just yesterday she called me and told me she had went to Sam's and bought me enough vegetables for my next four feedings."

Patricia adds this, "Like I said, it's a very nutritional meal, it's a meal that we are proud to serve our own families."

The ladies even set up a buffet at the Richard Showers Rec Center four times a year.

"People can walk in off the street, the day that we set up and we'll feed them for no charge because we use our own money to buy the food we serve," and Patricia stresses it is a complete meal.

Project Hungry is also aimed at making sure kids don't go hungry.

"They have the school lunches, they eat at school, but on weekends, sometimes it's kind of hard and they need a meal where they can come sit down or we can take it to them, if we know where they are because the 'Backpack Program' is just not enough," said Mitchell.

For now, Patricia and her team prepare the meals in their own homes, but would like to change that.

"We need and are looking for a commercial kitchen so we can prepare this food.  I have the plan if someone will just call me."

Project Hungry is in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit and accepts donations of either food and paper goods or money. You can contact Project Hungry by calling Patricia Mitchell at (256) 631-6778 or Jamie Mitchell at (256) 348-4421.