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Kids to Love: Finding Forever Families

Each week on Kids to Love we introduce you to children in foster care waiting for a forever family.

We work with state DHR to bring you these stories every week.

We recently had a chance to talk to Commissioner Nancy Buckner on the importance of moving children into permanent homes.

Their faces are familiar.

Their wishes are the same.

"Oh yeah, I wanna be adopted with my brother, oh yeah!"  Dejour said.

“I just wish for a family mainly, that first of all believes in God.  I wouldn't care what color, how big, how small, how many.  I just wish I had a family." Chris shared.

“Just nice people, just take care of me and my sister, that's all." Lexus said.

"What is our purpose here while we're on earth, and I don't think there's any greater purpose than to take care of our children."  DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner said.

With more than 6-thousand children in foster care in Alabama, the goal of foster care is a temporary safe haven.  Moving them out of the system and into a forever family is the priority.

"Children are our future, therefore it's incumbent upon all of us to take care of them in any way that we can." Buckner added.

Providing shelter in the storm of life, for a child that's here by no fault of their own.

"I think being a foster parent is one of the greatest ways to show god's love and to take care of his children." Buckner said.

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