Huntsville High School Parking Solution A First Day Success

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville High School lost 100 parking spaces over the summer due to construction of a new freshman academy. Administrators came up with a plan late last week and Monday WHNT News 19 checked to see how everything worked out for the first day of school.

Parking at Mayfair Park on Thornton Avenue and busing students just two blocks away to campus was an 11th hour solution but one that so far seems to be a good one according to school administrators. They say less than 20 students took advantage of the available spaces at Mayfair Park and the buses that left three times starting at 7 o'clock Monday.

"Everything went very smoothly today," said Principal Mark Mincher, "to the staff, the students, the parents, we thank them for their patience and their willingness to work through this."

Mincher said the hope is to eventually provide all juniors with a parking space on campus as construction progresses.

"It may change daily. We are very pleased with the way everything happened getting students on campus, our next challenge is can we get them off campus in a safe manner," smiled Mincher.

Mincher recommends parents pay close attention to communications from the school and to the school website for updates.