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State Superintendent Comments on Alabama’s Gun Law

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) - Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler says Alabama's gun law is "clear as mud."

Randy Hillman, the Executive Director of the Alabama District Attorneys' Association, told our news partner "law enforcement is still unsure of what the bill says."

Given that landscape, debate over what some experts say is at the least a vague and confusing bill, has fallen on school property.  WHNT News 19 asked Dr. Tommy Bice, Alabama's Superintendent of Education, for his comments on the new law during his visit to Huntsville on Wednesday.

"The gun law is obviously a law now, and we have to comply with it," said Dr. Bice.  "We also have rules and regulations for our school systems that create gun-free zone."

Alabama State School Superintendent Tommy Bice, an educator, clearly states the situation on the gun law as it relates to schools.

Dr. Bice says he supports a person's right to bear arms and says laws making schools a gun-free zone have been in place, as he says, "forever."

"Guns have no place in school. We have officers and people that have been trained that specifically are allowed to have guns in school.  Why would we want someone without that training to be in our schools with a gun?"

Bice says his department and local schools systems are working to make it crystal clear what no guns on school property means for everyone.

"We have general counsel at the Department of Education, attorneys across the state -- they are meeting again this week.  Because now there's questions about athletic events and those other things and make sure we clarify that those are school-related events that becomes school property as well," said Bice.  "The last thing we want is a local school board in a legal battle over the law."

Bice says it's against federal law to take a gun on to school property.