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Speeding Danger On Huntsville’s Memorial Parkway

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Memorial Parkway in Huntsville is the busiest highway in north Alabama.  It's the main north-south route for tens of thousands of Huntsville drivers.

It's often congested, but that isn't the only problem. "Well, I think people don't obey the speed limit," says Cathy Rogers.

Cathy is right about that.  We drove 50 miles an hour, the legal speed limit, for several miles. Driver after driver passed us, and that means they were speeding.  To determine just how fast some drivers go, we used our radar gun. We tracked vehicles going as fast as 68 miles per hour.  That's 18 miles an hour over the legal speed limit.

"It's like a race," says driver Peter Hayes. "Your reaction times are going to be a lot slower, or you have less time to stop," he adds.

The big question of course, why are so many drivers, going so fast?

"I think they are trying to get to where they're going too fast, instead of taking it safe. They put people's lives in danger," says Cathy Rogers.

That danger is exactly why we're taking action and discussing the speeding situation with both state and city law enforcement. Huntsville's Memorial Parkway needs some help.