New Gun Laws at Sporting Events Cleared Up

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - With football season fast approaching, many questions have been asked about people being allowed to carry concealed weapons into the stands of events under the new Alabama Open Carry law.

“It’s safe for me to say that the new gun law is as clear as mud,” a blunt statement, but one that Florence Police Chief Ron Tyler used when talking about the state’s new gun laws.

In a couple of weeks locked gates will open up to thousands of football fans across the state to cheer on their favorite teams.

Chief Tyler wants to make it known that concealed weapons will not be allowed at any sporting event.

“To be clear, open carry is absolutely prohibited, it’s not allowed,” stated Tyler. “Also to be clear, federal law prohibits those with concealed carry permits from being armed at school events.”

Taking that a step further, Tyler is recommending to the Florence Board of Education to post signs on the property of sporting events stating firearms are not permitted.

“This law applies to high school games and college games. Whether it’s the University of North Alabama or the University of Alabama, firearms are prohibited, and this law allows for that.”

Chief Tyler said this new law has done one thing good, it has brought to light that these laws prohibiting weapons at school events should have been emphasized more.

Florence City Schools Superintendent Dr. Janet Womack said they are in the process of ordering signage to post at each gate and every door way where people will be entering school events, stating guns are prohibited.

Police Chief Ron Tyler stated anyone carrying a gun will be asked to leave the event.

And according to Tyler if they don’t, they will then be arrested for trespassing.