MixBit Takes “Quicky” Video To A New Level

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MixBit "remixes" quick video uploads

As video-sharing becomes ever more “in,” the creators of YouTube are launching a new project called MixBit.

The quick-video app, similar to Vine and Instagram video, allows users to upload short videos from their mobile devices. The app went live Thursday and the creators, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, see big things in the future for the service. “When we built YouTube, we wanted to help people share their videos with each other and the world … ,” Hurley wrote in a blog. “Today we want to remove the barriers to video creation.”

MixBit allows users to stretch creative limits with videos up to 16 seconds in length, in contrast to Instagram’s 15 seconds and Vine’s 6 seconds. Once uploaded, the videos can then be edited, spliced and mixed by other users – creating new video creations up to an hour long.

A Web version of MixBit and an app for Apple devices are currently available. An Android version is expected to roll out sometime in the next month.