Marshall County Leaders Reach Compromise on School Resource Officers

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)– Elected leaders in Marshall County have reached a compromise that will pay for a school resource officer at every campus in the county system.

“What happened was the commission came up with a third.  The legislative delegation came up with a third.  And our school system came up with a third to place four more resource officers which gives us a total of nine,” said county superintendent Tim Nabors.

Earlier in the year Nabors had proposed adding a fee to car tag renewals that would help pay for the officers.   The idea was met with opposition from both the public and from the county commission.

Nabors says he’s pleased with the compromise.

“What we are about is kids.  And first and foremost we want to keep them safe.  And we want to do everything within our power to make sure that happens.  Can one resource officer in a school stop everything, no.  But that one resource officer can make a difference.”

The officers, who will be part-time and overseen by the sheriff’s office, will not be in place by the start of new school year, which begins Monday.   Nabors says he and Sheriff Scott Walls will meet on Wednesday to hammer out the details.

“I guess the time frame of finding those officers and getting them in place is going to be awhile,” Nabors said.

The cost of the officers will be approximately $96,000 per school year, which will be split three ways.