Sept. 30 Deadline for Earlyworks’ Patriot’s Mosaic Project

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - You have just a few more days to honor a veteran in your life through a special fundraiser for Huntsville's EarlyWorks family of museums.

Monday, September 30 is the last day to submit a photo of a veteran, which will be placed in a patriotic mosaic and put on display at the Historic Huntsville Depot by Veterans Day.

EarlyWorks wants to collect 1,300 photos of veterans to use in the 15x15 foot mosaic, which will be installed for display on the west wall of the AutoHouse Transportation Museum & Exhibit on the Depot grounds.

It's $25 per photo, which is a tax-deductible donation to EarlyWorks.  There are two easy ways to make sure your vet's photo is included in the project: either log on to and follow the upload instructions or bring a hard copy of your photo to the EarlyWorks Children's Museum during regular business hours for assistance with scanning your image.

You can also purchase prints of the image if you'd like a keepsake, or to give as a gift.

The Patriot's Mosaic Project is a primary element of the Pathway Initiative, which will connect the Veterans Memorial and the Huntsville Depot grounds.

"It will have 1,300 individual pictures of veterans," explains Williams.

The Patriot's Mosaic is just one part of a larger "gateway" for people to use in order to access and enjoy the Veterans Memorial and newly added educational kiosks from grounds and the Huntsville Depot.

Basic CMYK"It's been on our to-do list let's say for several years now," says EarlyWorks Museum Executive Director Bart Williams, who explains in early 2013 the Huntsville Depot received a grant from the Gothic Guild to fund the construction of a gateway between the Depot grounds and the veterans memorial.

Allowing people to park at the Depot and walk to the memorial is how it all started, says Williams, but he explains elements of the project have now taken on a life of their own.

"They gave us a grant to build this gateway to connect everything and as we did that we started seeing all other kinds of opportunities to really honor our vets and help out EarlyWorks at the same time."

The project is not only a way to honor veterans, says Williams, it is also a fundraising opportunity for EarlyWorks and the Depot.

"We see about 15,000 school kids through here every year and our real motivation was to be able to take these school kids on field trips to the memorial and teach them about the sacrifice that was given by our veterans."