“Scanner” Mike, An Angel Without Wings

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Michael Sharritt is a man known by several names, Mr. Michael, Mike, and to us at WHNT News 19, "Scanner" Mike. But to most of the residents at Roberts Apartments in Athens, he is known as an Angel without wings.

Here's what Gail Senyari says about him, "Mr. Michael is a gentleman who, although disabled, volunteers his time throughout the community reaching out and helping others, especially the elderly. No matter the weather, he is out doing something for one more person, showing God's grace, love and kindness to others."

Mike lives and works at Roberts Apartments and as Frankie Hepburn says, "when he started here, he didn`t have money for rent or anything so they gave him a job here in the complex." Mike takes care of the apartment's grounds, but he also takes care of the residents, says Frankie, "makes sure that everybody is safe, there`s nothing he won`t do for us, I think that`s why we all love him." Rita Simmons says not only does he make sure everyone is safe, but, "he goes out on his bicycle and gets everybody newspapers and you know the elderly don`t get around good, he goes to their mailboxes for them, especially in the winter and he also walks to the store gets a cart and gets groceries for people." Mike rides his bicycle and walks because he isn't able to drive and doesn't own a car.

Frankie and Rita both said Mike needs a new washing machine, but when they presented him with the Pay It Forward money, he never mentioned it. "I`ll use part of it to help somebody else," he said, "I just try to be nice to people, you know I`ve always heard that what goes around comes around."

Maybe Rita Simmons says it best, "in my book, he`s one of God`s people, that`s what we`re put here on Earth for, take care of each other."

By the way, the reason we at WHNT NEWS 19 call him "Scanner" Mike is because he constantly monitors his police and emergency scanners and keeps us posted on anything happening in Limestone County. Mike is a great help to us in making sure we being you all the news.