Part 2: Chairman Strong on Economy & Education, ‘Telling Our Story’

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - In this segment of Leadership Perspectives, Madison County Commission Dale Strong says he has a team in place to push for continued economic development.

"If you're not focusing on economic development, your community is not going to thrive," said Strong.

He talks about how this affects schools and other activities people look for when choosing a place to live.  Strong said it is important to continue with enhanced technology, including partnerships with UAH, HudsonAlpha and Redstone Arsenal.

Strong said road improvements will also continue to be a priority for him and the commission.

"Gate 9 is at capacity, so we need to make sure the other [Arsenal] gates are fully operational," said Strong.  "The further we can expand roads, the better off our community is," he went on to say.

Strong also highlighted more funding for school construction, including projects at Grissom and Johnson high schools in Huntsville, and James Clemens and Bob Jones high schools in Madison.  Strong said this is important as we continue to push for more jobs in north Alabama.

"These are things that catch companies' attention," said Strong.

"We want to make Madison County a better place to live," he added.  "We've got to do a better job of telling our story throughout the United States."