‘Alabama Accountability Act’ Not A Factor In Recent Huntsville Student Transfers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Administrators at Huntsville City Schools have decided which students will transfer this school year. There are hundreds. The reason for the transfers might surprise you. Some parents have about a week to make things work in their favor.

Thousands of Alabamians are still figuring out what to do when it comes to the Alabama Accountability Act.

“That law is still in effect. We have nothing to say about it today,” said School Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski.

The Huntsville City School Board met Friday. Its members went into executive session. Board members talked about student transfers.

“We`ve sent the letters out to parents about those. Families will be getting those letters today or Saturday. They`ll be getting calls from our pupil services folks,” added Wardynski.

Wardynski told WHNT NEWS 19 more than 300 students will change schools in a few days. Elementary schools will shift about 100 students. Middle and high schools account for the rest.

Wondering where the accountability act fits?

“The Alabama Accountability Act is way off the radar. We are dealing with the United States government. We are dealing with the United States Constitution. This is the equal protection clause. This has been in place now since the founding of our country,” added Wardynski.

The transfer requests also go way back.

“These requests were received over the years. There`s a long list of people who made requests. We worked from oldest requests to newest,” added Wardynski.

Parents must confirm their child’s transfer by following the instructions in the letter mailed to their home. School administrators won’t accept responses from parents after Tuesday, August 20, 2013.