Is Your Wage A Living Wage? Find Out Here…

How does your wage stack up?

How does your wage stack up?

Do you make a living, poverty or minimum wage? Now you can find out with results tailored to the city, county and state you live in.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Poverty in America “Living Wage Calculator” is a searchable database designed to give you an idea of how far your income really goes in today’s world. To search where you live, click here.

According to MIT, the living wage shown in the tables is "the hourly rate that an individual must earn to support their family, if they are the sole provider and are working full-time (2080 hours per year). The state minimum wage is the same for all individuals, regardless of how many dependents they may have. The poverty rate is typically quoted as gross annual income. We have converted it to an hourly wage for the sake of comparison."

Wages that are less than the living wage are highlighted in red.

Results are broken down according to family size and you can also see what individual expenses went into the living wage estimate including food, health care, etc. Click here to see Huntsville, Alabama as an example.

There's also a table of typical hourly wages for professions in the area.

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