Roaches in the Refrigerator?

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Logan's Roadhouse at 16132 Athens-Limestone Blvd in Athens: Score of 80

  • Sour cream and soft cheese held at 63F in prep cooler.
  • Chili held at 124F.
  • Open, personal drink in grill area, partially consumed cheese in walk-in cooler.

Louie's Restaurant  1101 6th Avenue in Decatur: Score of 81

  • Roaches in discontinued Refrigerator.
  • Can opener needs cleaning.

India Café at 975 Airport Road in Huntsville: Score of 83

  • Food prepped on 07/19/13 and 07/20/13 was not heated to 165F before placing on serving line.
  • Food items were held at 99F-126F on the buffet line.

Golden Spoon:

Starbucks at 902 Wimberly Drive in Decatur: Score of 99


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