Featured Job: Web Developer


Required Skills:

- Proficiency in HTML and CSS
- Proficiency with jQuery
- Proficiency with Sass + Compass
- Ability to develop cross-browser compatible code
- Ability to multi-task (several projects and/or tasks)
- Ability to provide sharp attention to detail to compare designs to code

Desired Skills:

- Experience with web hosting setup
- Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop
- Ability to provide example projects/portfolios
- Experience with local server development workflow with a Source Code Management tool
- Knowledge/Experience working with APIs
- Ability to modify a fixed design into a responsive deisgn
- Ability to help with design of web products
- Ability to help with design of web UI/UX

Education Requirements:

Bachelors Degree in related field and 1+ years of web experience (equivalent experience accepted in lieu of degree).

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