Practicing In Priceville For A School Nightmare

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The situation definitely not normal at Morgan County's Priceville High School Thursday. Not with shouts of shooter-in-the-school ringing out, and the sounds of gun shots.  Thankfully it was just a training exercise. Trying to be ready for a real, nightmare situation.

Teachers, school administrators, and even law enforcement on hand to learn how to handle the worst case scenario. The teachers for this training, officers from the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.  They're quick to tell you, this teaching experience includes a little class room talk, and a lot of the sights, sounds and feelings of the real thing. "We put them through practical scenarios so that the faculty and the administrators actually see, well this is what it's like to go through it. This is what I can do, this is what I should do. This is what I shouldn't do. So it's a real hands on experience," says Sgt. Wayne Mackey from the Alabama ABC Board.

The class certainly for educators to give them confidence they could handle this kind of scenario, but for law enforcement it's good practice on being ready for situations they don't normally experience. "We know that when you're coming in and you're in an active emergency, an active shooting response, you will be engaged. You are going to possibly take out a threat, and so that's a completely different type of mental faculty that has to take place in these types of shootings, so we train for that. If you don't train for it, you're not going to be prepared," says Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.

As one of the ABC officers said Thursday, we live in a new world, a new situation. That's one reason this type of training is being repeated in school systems across north Alabama.