Study Shows Alabama Is An Honest State

(WHNT) - According to The National Honesty Index has found Americans to be fairly honest, to the tune of 92%.  The experiment, developed by HONEST Tea, shows Alabama and Hawaii tie as the most honest states.

The company set up unmanned kiosks at locations across the nation with beverages. They asked people to leave $1 for each drink taken.  A total of 61 locations were tested, and the company gathered different information about participants' characteristics gender, hair color, hair length, facial hair, and whether or not they were wearing hats and sunglasses.

Some of the results include:

  • Women are more honest than men (95% vs. 91%)
  • Blonds were most honest (95%), followed by brunettes (93%) and then redheads (92%)
  • People with long hair were most honest (94%). Those with medium-length hair (93%) and short hair (91%) were less honest.
  • Groups were more honest than those on their own (96% vs. 91%)

The full state rankings can be found here.

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