Pack the Backpacks: Why it Matters

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(WHNT) - We all look forward to Fridays, but this Friday is going to be especially fun.

WHNT News 19 and Kids to Love will host our annual "Pack the Backpacks" school supply drive.  As you buy backpacks, pens, and paper for your family, we hope you'll pick up a few extra to share with a Kids to Love foster child. A new backpack may not sound like a lot, but to a foster child, brand new is a big deal.Kids to Love will provide school supply packs to thousands of foster kids across Alabama and Tennessee, making the new year a little less stressful for the kids and their foster parents.

"It makes us not so worried about it," said Barbara Daniel, a foster parent. "I know the children will get an education, I know that they're going to get these things."
Barbara Daniel has fostered more than 20 children in recent years.
"They look up with that trust in their eyes, it just comes to a bundle, a bundle of love," said Daniel.
You don't have to be a math whiz to know back-to-school expenses really add up for her family and others. Pencils, notebooks, crayons - the list is long to succeed in the classroom.  Foster parents don't get a lot of money to meet these needs, so Kids to Love tries to ease their financial burden.
"Oh, Kids to Love has blessed our children so much.  With the backpacks for the school, you know, they don't have a lot when they come to you, and just getting that backpack with the little things in it, that's their, that just means a lot to them," Daniel said.
So while you may think of a new backpack just to tote books, keep in mind it's much more for a foster child.  It's a gift they carry from place to place while waiting for something else to call their own -- a home and a family.
WHNT News 19 will be live Friday, August 2 at Walmart in Hampton Cove and at Jack's on Hughes Road in Madison.  You can donate at many other Walmart and Jack's locations.
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