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Not Crazy About The Micro Grill

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - I walked in one of my usual Deal or Dud shopping haunts and a clerk found me fast.

"You have to try this! You have to try this" she said.

"This" was the Micro Grill.

It only cost $4.99 and it's a reminder that sometimes you get what you pay for.

Cheap doesn't mean it's good.

The Micro Grill claims to give you grill-quality food in your microwave.  It claims you can grill chicken, fish, steak, and other traditional grilling food in your microwave.

You know how claims are. I once claimed to be Joe Perry in Aerosmith to impress a girl in college.  That didn't work.  And the Micro Grill, while it can be part of the chain that will give you cooked food from the microwave, is not exactly like the invention of fire.

Far from it.

We cooked hotdogs and small strip sirloins on the Micro Grill.   It cooked them fine. But we had to guess at a time to cook the food.  Nowhere on the box, or on the weak direction sheet, did it show how long to cook any food.

Thirty seconds on the dogs. Two minutes on the steak.

The food came out of the microwave, and off the Micro Grill, edible. But they didn't have the grilled taste.

But we took more hotdogs and steak and did the same thing in the microwave but wrapped them in paper towels.

There was ZERO difference in how the food was cooked, or how it tasted.

The Micro Grill is one of those products that comes along, that when you start messing with it, clearly turns into a head scratcher.

I don't get it.

If you have a Micro Grill and you want to tell me how it's a great product and you love it, shoot me an email at and I will update this.

But for now, the Micro Grill is a Dud.