Rose Of Sharon Owner “Saddened” By Soup Kitchen Burglary

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A Huntsville man is in jail after police say he broke in to the Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen and Thrift Shop on Saturday.
Police arrested 28-year-old Christopher Louis Miller, who was found not far from the soup kitchen. Change from the cash register, the register's keys, and a watch were found in his possession.

Christopher Miller was arrested Saturday. Police say he burglarized Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen.

Christopher Miller was arrested Saturday. Police say he burglarized Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen.

Owner and founder, Sharon Walker had gone home for the day when she got the call that her mission had been broken into.

The burglars shattered the glass on the front window. Walker says the damage will cost around $500 dollars to repair.

The cash register, left open, was emptied of quarters, nickles and dimes. Walker says a watch she had in her office, was also stolen.

However, it isn`t the price tag that hurts Walker the most. She says it is the fact that the man who was arrested for the burglary, was someone the soup kitchen has served for years.

"He`s always nice, he`s always polite, and he`ll help you if you need help," said Walker. "Week before last he went out with me in the truck and helped me do a furniture pick up."

The incident is heartbreaking for Walker, who has spent the past 10 years working to better the lives of the homeless and struggling.

"We talk to them daily about trying to live right, to live for the Lord, not to be doing evil, to choose to do good and that`s when they`re blessed. we have some who really turn their lives around

Walker says now, she can only pray that Christopher Miller can get the help he needs.

"Chris is young and I hope one day he can really get the Lord in his heart and turn his life around," said Walker."The person I know is a good-hearted kind person, the person who`s a burglar who broke in yesterday is not the Chris I know."

Walker says they have the money for repairs, but it will take away from them being able to do more beneficial work with that money. They are, as always, in need of monetary donations, as well as donations to their thrift shop.

You can learn more about how to donate or volunteer at the soup kitchen's website. They are in particular need of appliance and furniture donations.