Roaches & Dishes Make a Bad Mix

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Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

China Dragon at 100 Hwy 31 in Athens: Score of 76

  • Chicken 118 degrees F.
  • Chicken 66 degrees F.
  • Prepping chicken in 3-compartment sink without proper sanitization prior to and after use

Sun Café at 930 Old Monrovia Rd in Huntsville: Score of 74

  •  During inspection, employee was drinking a personal drink in an uncovered container in the kitchen.
  •  During inspection, shrimp was observed cold holding at 100 degrees F and chicken was observed cold holding at 70 degrees F.
  • During inspection, live roaches were observed in the dishware washing area.

G's Country Kitchen at 2501 Oakwood in Huntsville: Score of 80

  • During inspection, fish was cold holding at 57 degrees F, pork chops were cold holding at 52 degrees F, and raw chicken found at 53 degrees F.
  • During inspection, hand washing sink was not working.

Golden Spoon Award:

Mel's Sweet Treats at 40114th Street in Decatur: Score of 100