Meth Labs Found in Morgan County Home

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Morgan County Sheriff's Deputies discover multiple meth labs in a home. A child was living there.

Sheriff Ana Franklin says a 12-year-old had to be decontaminated along with her parents.

At about 9:30 Wednesday night, deputies served a warrant at 61 St. John Road in Joppa. Before they could even get to the home, they could smell what they thought was a meth lab.

Morgan County Drug Task Force agents arrived and found two working meth labs on the property.

They arrested Andy Cluxton, who was being served a warrant for buying Sudafed.

Deputies found enough meth that Cluxton has been charged with trafficking, manufacturing, drug paraphernalia and endangering a child.

Anna Burden was charged with manufacturing, trafficking and drug paraphernalia.

Sheriff Franklin says officers will be back out on the property today looking for more labs.

The child residing in the home has been placed with other relatives.