Paint Piranha a Deal

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Anyone that has ever used a paint brush knows what a pain in the you-know-what it can be to clean them. It doesn’t matter if you paint trees on a small canvas for your wall, or a garage, cleaning those brushes correctly, and properly, is critical.

A local tinkerer and inventor, Richard Junkin, has a product we have tested for Deal or Dud.

It’s called the Paint Piranha.  The premise is simple. It works like a shark’s mouth. It has interlocking teeth. You put the paint-soaked brush in the teeth, and use the Paint Piranha to rake, or pull the paint from the brush.  It works fast and there is an attachment for roller brushes as well.

We made the Paint Piranha a deal.    Richard cleaned the paint totally from a medium-size brush under a tiny stream of water in about 20 seconds.    It’s blazing fast.

Junkin has a patent on the Paint Piranha and is getting big attention from some large chains who stock paint brushes.   If you need one right now you can order it at

There will be plenty more to share down the road on Richard Junkin and the Paint Piranha. We will keep you updated on air and online.

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