Franklin County Families Clean Up After Floods; County Engineer Speaks About Problem

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Several families in a Franklin County subdivision spent the day cleaning out their homes after flood waters inundated the area.

Anthony Jack and his family could only watch and wait as the flood waters rose outside their Oak Hills Drive home.

"This isn`t the first time, but wish it would be the last,” said Jack.

Franklin County Engineer, David Palmer, says this area will most likely flood again until improvements can be made to the infrastructure.

“We`re well aware of the problem, it`s a much more complicated problem then just replacing a few pipes or ditching or that sort of thing,” said Palmer.

The engineer says the area needs an underground drain system.  Palmer says he's already applied for state and federal grant money two times.  However Palmer says, with an estimated price tag of nearly $4 million dollars for construction costs, both applications were denied.

“We`re very concerned about the situation and we`re doing all we know how to do, to leverage the funding to eliminate most of the problem,” said Palmer.  “I`m not sure the problem will ever be fully eliminated.”

This comes as no relief for Anthony Jack and his family.  Jack says his house has sustained major flooding at least 6 times in the past 16 years.

“There are no words for it, you feel helpless,” said Jack.   So for now, Jack says he will clean up the mess once again and anxiously wait for funding to be approved.

The Franklin County engineer says he plans to submit another grant application this year, and hopes eventually the county's request will be granted, so upgrades can be made in the Oak Hills subdivision.