Vandals Strike Tuscumbia Businesses, Cars

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) - Nearly a dozen vandalism reports have come into the Tuscumbia Police Department during the past two weeks.

Detectives say in all the cases, vandals are using bricks to break out windows in cars and now, businesses.

The latest report came from the Tuscumbia Multi-Purpose building.  A large spider-web crack runs through one of the windows.

Across town, the Wee Station in Spring Park is now boarded up, after vandals targeted the concession stand.

“There`s absolutely no pattern for the buildings they`ve chosen,” said Tuscumbia Police Chief, Tony Logan.  “Like I said, this weekend, it extended south of the city into the Colbert Heights area, so several vehicles were damaged up there.”

Logan says someone is throwing landscaping bricks through windows.

So far, Chief Logan reports at least seven car windows busted, and now two city-owned buildings.

With several people across the city and county left with a repair bill, Chief Logan says this isn't just a victimless prank.

“It`s a very big financial issue for them because one of two things, they`ve either gotta file it on their insurance or be outta pocket,” said Logan.  “Then, in most cases, there`s going to be some kind of deductible.”

Whether it`s car windshields or buildings, police say nothing has been stolen during these vandalisms.

“It`s strictly just criminal mischief and vandalism,” said Logan.  “It`s absolutely uncalled for.”

Logan believes these vandals will strike again and wants everyone to be on the look-out, especially during overnight hours.

If you have any information about this crime, call the Tuscumbia Police Department.  You can leave an anonymous tip on the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers tipline.  Information leading to an arrest could be worth a cash reward.  That tipline number is 256-386-8685.