Tracking System Being Used in War on Meth

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - The war on meth has gone high-tech with a database that tracks purchases of pseudo-ephedrine nation-wide.

Gone are the days of walking into your neighborhood pharmacy and picking up a box of Sudafed off the shelf.

The National Precursor Log Exchange is assisting law enforcement in tracking who buys pseudo-ephedrine, as well as how much and where.

Alabama laws stipulate that purchasers must show a valid government form of identification to a pharmacy worker who will then scan it into the database.

Prosecutors and drug agents alike agree the NPLEx system is working to curb the production of meth, by making it harder to get pseudo-ephedrine.

“We now have the tools to track illegal purchase of pseudo-ephedrine and we are going to respond. And that is what they need to know,” said Lauderdale County District Attorney Chief Prosecutor Will Powell.

Twenty-seven states are tied into the NPLEx tracking system to date.

Every pharmacy in the state of Alabama is required to report sales of ephedrine into the database.