Joy’s House: A Second Chance For Those Who Want It

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Sarah and Dennis Morrison have started a homeless shelter for women and children in Limestone County called Joy's House. The Morrisons open their home to those who have been victims of domestic violence, other forms of abuse or are just down on their luck.

When you walk inside their home, you are met with love, hope and the promise of a second chance at life. Mark Masica puts it this way: "They just have such a heart to serve the Lord, it's been amazing and Joy's House is a vision God gave them to help women and children in crisis here in Limestone County."

Joy's House is a non-profit that relies on donations, fund raisers and the Morrisons using a lot of their own money to help those who need it.

"It could be shelter, it could be food, it could be money, financial assistance, whether they stay here or not or whatever that future looks like for them, we try to help them get back on their feet," said Dennis Morrison.

The Morrisons own Joy's House, but as Dennis says, "We have a board of directors that oversees, we want to be accountable, so we ask our board of directors to hold us accountable."

According to Dennis, that means following all zoning laws including the number of residents allowed to be there.

"Right now, we have one resident here and a child," he said.

But that could soon change.  "We're gonna try to get our place zoned for multi-family.  We do have an accessory building out back, another house that's being re-done," Dennis said.

Joy's House is the only non-profit, non-government supported homeless shelter for women and children in Limestone County.

"You know, it's what God called us to do, to be a servant," said Dennis.

There is no doubt the Morrisons have answered that call.

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