How To Keep The NSA From Watching You

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(Image Credit: MGN Online)

Edward Snowden’s leak of information exposing the National Security Agency’s surveillance of Americans has sparked a major privacy debate. The government isn’t the only one monitoring your communications though. Private companies are also in the data collection business in a big way.

So how can you protect your online activities in the midst of all that snooping?

eHow Tech recently offered a range of options for ensuring your privacy. Here are the top five as summarized by Dave Johnson of CBS/MoneyWatch:

Limit your time on Facebook – Facebook tracks and stores just about everything you do. It also captures some data about what you’re doing even when you’re logged out but still browsing the Web outside of Facebook. To limit that reach, dedicate one browser to Facebook and use another for other search activities.

Dump Google, try another search engine – Yes, that might be hard. There are other options though. The search engine DuckDuckGo has an official “no tracking” policy.

Try VPN – A Virtual Private Network is a powerful tool for encrypting your data and protecting you as you surf the Web.

Try the app TORTOR is a free app using a technology called onion routing to disguise your location through encrypted data tunnels, shielding you from surveillance. You can publish content without revealing your location.

Make sure that webcam is off – Turn off your webcam, whether it’s attached to your computer or stand alone. Malicious users and can actually take control of your webcam and monitor you with it. So disable, disable, disable.

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