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Young Local Men Learn How to Respond to Police


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A group in North Alabama is helping young African American men brush up on proper police protocol.

President Obama’s remarks in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case have opened ears across the country. Here in the Tennessee Valley, a group of young black men is working to better not only themselves, but the entire world.

“As a young African American male, there’s more pressure on us to do better in the world” said Sidney Oden. Oden is only 16-years-old but he is planning for a bright future.

On Saturday, he learned how to properly respond and react to law enforcement. “Young people these days, they get the wrong impression of police, so they have to know how to come at the situation, not just randomly throw it away to the side.”

Oden’s mom, Denielia, attended the seminar as well. She said that working well with police is just part of being an adult. “It’s a part of everyday life, it’s a part of growing up, something that they will have to do that’s a part of reality,” she said.

Oden knows that her son’s behavior can affect the rest of his life. She said that it all starts with education. “It is our responsibility to prepare our children for the future, because they are the future, and how else can we do it if we don’t first educate them?”

The Fun-Set Social and Charity Club hosted the event. Dr. Harry Hobbs with Huntsville Police was the guest speaker.


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