What’s This? Unusual Fish Caught in Tennessee River

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – A viewer wrote us with a question about a fish caught recently in the Tennessee River.

“I have asked quite a few people about it and no one knows what species it is,” the person wrote.

Photo of the fish Chris Harbin caught in the Tennessee River.

Photo of the fish caught in the Tennessee River.

We at WHNT News 19 had an initial idea but wanted to check with an expert.

We called Peter McGraw, the owner of The Aquarium Shop on Cox Avenue in Huntsville.  He said the fish is a Tiger Oscar.

McGraw said this type of fish is native to South America.

“Someone likely decided to release it in the river,” said McGraw. “It’s a little out of its GPS range.”

McGraw added Oscars can grow to 18 inches, sometimes even 24 inches long.

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