Part 2: How to Help Redstone Arsenal Continue to Grow

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - In this segment of Leadership Perspectives, General Dennis Via talks about the multiple organizations on the Arsenal and their growing presence.

"Redstone Arsenal and Huntsville/Madison County already have the infrastructure in place, already have the relationships in place.  I think going forward, there is the opportunity to see mutual growth and prosperity as the community moves forward," Gen. Via said.

"Because of the diversity and richness of the commands on Redstone Arsenal, and the business prosperity here, we should see continued growth."

General Via outlined three things that have worked for him through his career:

  • Provide positive leadership and a positive work environment
  • Set a vision for the organization going forward
  • Posture your company to make the right types of decisions in terms of your resources

General Via also talks about the impact of sequestration, especially if it continues into Fiscal Year 2014, and the prudent use of resources.