Bill Nye Now Teaches Science Through App

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Image Credit: Bill Nye The Science Guy App/Disney Publishing Worldwide

Twenty years ago, Bill Nye The Science Guy showed up on a PBS show to teach kids about science.

Now he’s joining the app age with a mobile experience from Disney Publishing Worldwide. There are games designed to teach users about everything from scientific basics to the solar system – as well as do-it-yourself experiments.

Free for iOS devices, the app opens with a shot of Nye’s desk. Users can select from objects on the desk – like a rocket or robot – to call up different lessons. The rocket for example, takes you on a mission to the solar system where you can learn facts about the various planets.

Kids can also swipe through a book of do-it-yourself experiments to put various scientific principles to the test – figuring out, for example, how to test atmospheric pressure or make an egg float in salt water.

For those interested in the science of the perfect bow tie (and a little humor) there’s one hidden in Nye’s desk drawer. Click it and you can learn to tie a bow tie yourself!