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The SEC Rivalry: “It’s Just Good Football.”

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HOOVER, Ala. (WHNT) -- Three days and fourteen teams later, SEC Media Days came to a close today. The final four teams spoke to the media today and fan turnout was at an all time high. There were tons of Alabama fans, LSU Tigers, and even some Georgia Bulldogs. Despite rooting for different teams, they all had one thing in common: an undying love for SEC rivalry.

"I think we knocked Alabama off their high horse in that last game we played against them  and I think that's the sole reason Texas A&M won, so yeah, take that," Leland Fullbright put it out there. Fullbright is a longtime LSU fan and wasn't afraid to talk a little trash at SEC Media Days. 

In fact, there was no stopping it. Trash talking could be found in every corner of the lobby at The Wynfrey Hotel.

""I'm here to see my team man, and all my enemies…you gotta keep your enemies close," said Nick Jenkins, a UGA fan.

"It doesn't boil my blood, as long as they don't touch me but but it doesn't burn my skin or anything either," commented Fullbright.

Greg Cooper, an Alabama fan chimed in as well. "You don't live it any other way, if you want it some other way, you need to get out of it, cause thats just not how it is here."

Cooper said that the SEC rivalry is just part of growing up in the South. "You grow up with your college football and you evolve, you get into one team, you stick with it, and whoever against it, thats whoever you're against."

Jenkins said it was all in good fun today. "I just talk trash and little bit and being around good football, it's just awesome."

At the end of the day, Cooper told WHNT News 19 that he just wants the conference to succeed overall, no matter who is playing. "I'm an SEC fan, I love it, if my school's not playing, it's still a good football game when the other teams are playing just because it's great football down here."