Scottsboro Friends Snag Huge Carp on Bowfishing Trip

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) – These days you can fish with a rod and reel or do what’s just as popular – bowfish.

That’s only for limited types of fish, though — mostly, carp.

A bowfishing team in Scottsboro got a huge Albino Bighead on Friday, July 12.  The carp weighed in at a whopping 92.2 pounds, according to the scale at Backwater Outdoors in Gurley, where they took the fish the next morning.

Kyle Lusk spotted the fish near County Park on Lake Guntersville.  He shot it with his bow and his friend Collin Warren helped him get it in the boat, along with Tyler Parker.  The three have been longtime friends and went to Scottsboro High School together.

Parker’s wife, Jennifer, told us the tale and sent the proof.

“They called me afterwards,” Jennifer said.  “I had to go and take pictures.”

She said the fish is a hit with friends and relatives.

“Everybody’s amazed and shocked.  They’ve never seen something this big,” she said.  “We had our family reunion Saturday and Sunday — everybody wanted to have their pictures with it, everybody wanted to touch it,” Parker said.

Parker said the guys have come across big carp before, but none like this.

“They got a 76-pound grass carp a few weeks ago,” Parker said.

The Albino Bighead weighs in just shy of the state record for carp and bowfishing.  Backwater Outdoors said the record was just about half a pound bigger.

WHNT News 19 spoke with Keith Floyd, District 1 Fisheries Biologist for the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  He said the state does not keep records for carp or bowfishing.  However, he said the carps are invasive.

“It’s not something we really want in our waters,” Floyd said.  “It’s listed as an invasive species.”

Bighead carp are an exotic species and should be kept if caught.  Here is more information on