Madison County Superintendent Declines Comment On Below Average Evaluation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-The top man at Madison County Schools declined to comment when asked about his less-than-stellar yearly evaluation at Thursday night's school board meeting.

Superintendent David Copeland declined to answer questions on his recent yearly evaluation, a review that saw him earn below-average marks in all ten categories he was rated on. School board members confirmed that the first-year school chief rated a 2.36 out of 5 on their annual evaluation, which measured categories ranging from executive skills to community relations and technology management.

"Not at this time, thanks," said Copeland, when asked to give his response to the board's evaluation.

Copeland did not score a 3 or higher in any category, meaning the board rated him slightly to well below average in all areas. His highest rating was 2.95 in facilities management.

"Obviously, we'd like for them to be higher," said school board member Dan Nash. "I think as it's been stated before, there is some adjustment period to any new position...I think it's a matter of getting more acquainted with a school system of this size."

Copeland was appointed last year to replace former superintendent Terry Davis, who retired. Copeland's current term runs through 2014. He has not yet indicated if he will seek another term in the upcoming election.

School system officials said Copeland will face two other evaluations in the coming months, in addition to the one just performed by the school board. Those other reviews are based on AYP scores and implementation of the district's capital improvement plan.