Shoals Man: Animal Control Relocated Alligator Near His Home

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A week ago, a man saw what he thought was a log in Cypress Creek.  It turned out to be an alligator, more than six feet long.

A Lauderdale County animal control officer relocated the male alligator to what we were told was a secluded portion of the Tennessee River.  However, Bain Carpenter says that area is also his backyard.

"The alligator was moved for the safety of children, and we have children in this area too," said Carpenter.  "This is probably one of the most populated areas of the river."

Carpenter has three children who swim in the Elk River a lot in the summer.

"Since this happened, they wait for daddy to get home from work before they go swimming," he said.  "They don't want to swim without daddy."

Carpenter says he feels targeted.

"They drove 30 miles from where it was captured, they drove across three different creeks between here and there, that I know of, and dropped it in our backyard," Carpenter said.

Now Carpenter wants to see a policy change so local government doesn't handle situations like this.

"It's just not common sense," Carpenter said.  "I have no involvement in animal control and I've got enough sense to know to take it to a wildlife management area."

Carpenter says even though he doesn't feel threatened right now, if this policy continues, he believes it will become a dangerous area, especially for children.