Dip In Huntsville Road Irritating And Dangerous

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To be honest, car drivers might not notice it that much. There's a dip in the road on Jordan lane near Independence Drive. Cars and small trucks bounce a bit when they go over it, but for big trucks it's a definite hazard. "A dip like that in the road, it will harm your load. It will hard your equipment. It will even hurt your back," says trucker Miguel Mendez.

The dip extends across the road, following the apparent line of a buried drainage pipe. It's worst for the two inside lanes. When we drove it in our SUV there was a definite bounce, and we weren't driving a big, heavy truck. "The driver stands the risk of losing control of the vehicle, and thus causing an accident," says trucker Bobby Sawada. Bobby also says there's the danger of losing an unsecured load, and even damaging the truck.  The bottom line here, is that lives could be in danger as well as equipment.

Now, there are warning signs of an approaching bump for drivers travelling in both directions on Jordan Lane. I asked Bobby Sawada if the signs made a difference. "It would probably be too late to be noticed, a bump sign, but it seems to me something could be done as far as filling this in," says Bobby.

It does seem that this particular problem has an easy, if not necessarily cheap fix. We're taking action and talking to city officials about the dip. Since Jordan Lane becomes Highway 53, we'll also discuss the situation with state traffic engineers.