July 11: All-American Pet Photo Day

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  • Unnamed

  • Unnamed

  • skating with Jaz

  • Dynasty will be at her 1st Fundraising Event August 16-17 during the 33rd Annual Watermelon Festival in Russellville, Alabama. Hopefully, I can teach her to sing as well like her "Big Brother" Tyson. Please visit our website: http://www.lilsusiefund.org and find us on facebook! Thanks

  • This poodle was bought in 1992 and has only been sick twice,, in that time, first, she got a fish bone that ruptured an intestine, thle next time she only had disharrea. She is partially blind now, but is doing good, I think she has a bit of arthritis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Dixie is a 1 1/2 year-old Brussels Griffon. Don & Dianne Weatherford (owners)

  • Unnamed

  • My daughter, Emma, and her guinea pig, Lamar.

  • Tyson the 13 year old Official Ambassador for The Lil' Susie Small Animals in Need Fund Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization is trying out his new stage shades for his performances!

  • Unnamed

  • Midge and Pogo are our brother and sister fur-babies that I bottle fed from the age of about two weeks. They have grown into the most loving kitties.

  • Someone call for a "SUPER HERO"?

  • Gypsy, Ella & Presto

  • Tigger (Photo by Katie McCollum)

  • Sir Raleigh (Photo by Kara Jones)

  • Lucy Lu (Photo by Dewayne Weaver)

  • Sylvester BartholoMEOW, "Sly" for short, lives with WHNT News 19 Reporter Daniela Perallon. Sly came to her as a stray kitten in 2011. Now he spends his time climbing trees, eating bugs, and taking lots of cat naps.

  • Sara, a Corgi who belongs to Claire Aiello & Joey Aiello. Claire is WHNT's Web Content Manager.

  • WHNT News 19's Carrie Marchese with Zorro, her 12-year-old Shih tzu Maltese

  • Asher, Beth Jett's chihuahua

  • Saban

  • My dog Sugrr (no "a" - she puts the grrr in Sugar) with Pike's Peak in the background.

  • Leo the kitty

  • Sophie for All-American Pets!

  • Amber, a Basset Hound that belongs to the Wright Family

  • Charlie Allen on his mom and dad's wedding day :)

  • Louie

  • Ms. Gertie (Photo by Chaun Holmes)

  • Mr. Hunter (Photo by Chaun Holmes)

  • CJ The Romeo (Photo by Chaun Holmes)

  • Pabst the Tabby Cat and Banjo the Corgi (Alicia Revelle)

  • Charlie Allen snuggled up with his favorite toy.

  • George Jossey Perna...

  • Layla belongs to WHNT NEWS 19 employee Andy Wilkins. She loves her frisbee more than any other toy on the planet. At this moment she stopped and posed for a minute so I could take this picture.

  • Becky Smedstad's adorable sweet child Loo Loo Belle

  • Tessa enjoying a summer day.

  • Lady Rogers, wire haired miniature dachshund of Emily and Caleb Rogers

  • Roper is lounging by the pool.

  • My Golden Retreiver Paisley. Rescued by the wonderful F.O.R. folks!

  • Frankie loves the camera :)

  • Princie Lee models sunglasses

  • 'The Woo' - I am the most precious Baby in the whole wide world :)

  • Shellie - a Shetland Sheepdog - Relaxes in San Destin with The Daddy and The Mama.

  • My name is Hugo!!! I smile on command (only for a treat)!

  • Layla, party pooper

  • Tyson and Layla 'playing ruff.'

  • Bella and Moose McGregor live in Marshall County, and both were adopted from the Second Chance Shelter near Boaz.

  • Tobi loves to have his picture taken but he is so cute, who can blame him! Tina & Patricio Reyes of Huntsville

  • Djembe Rogers, golden doodle of Emily and Caleb Rogers

  • My husband gave me Sophie when she was about three months old on my birthday. Always wanted a golden.. Sweetest, gentlest, most wonderful pet ever for me and my family. We lost her a year ago this past April at 13 years old. We will never forget her! The Arab Chamber of Commerce asked us if they could use her in a photo for the Arab map. She is laying on Dr. Humphries front porch and the picture was used in the Welcome Home campaign about six years ago.

  • 'Padme'

  • 'Gunner and Bo' - Our wonderful Labrador Retriever, Bo, is the best with our grandchildren. Here he is with our 10 month old grandson and lets him do anything. The most loving dog anyone could have. Ben and Carol Sivley, Grant, AL

  • Smokey and Angel, brother and sister taking a cat nap together.

  • Scooter, a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix

  • Lulu, a Yorkie

  • My golden retriever sporting some glasses as she's reading a book. (Allie Grace, Hartselle)

  • Molly and Katie are the sweet baby girls belonging to WHNT's National Sales Assistant Vickie Harris.

  • Ms. Gracie's first Halloween--she turned two yesterday. Beautiful inside and out. -Barbara and John Cummings

TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – Did you know July 11 is ‘All-American Pet Photo Day’?

I bet you had it on your calendar. :)

Actually, WHNT News 19′s Beth Jett found out about it and shared the news with us.  We decided to have fun with it.

Thank you for the photos you shared with us!